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Upper East Side of Texas: Small Towns & Cultural Districts promises simple reading pleasure and compelling photographs, as well as a perfect guide for you to hit the road and step into authentic experiences found only in this unique Texas landscape.

The book is available for purchase in visitor centers, bookstores, and gift shops throughout the region and online through Amazon.


Texarkana Visitor Center
Tyler Visitor Center
Edom Visitor Center & Museum



The View

High photo-quality paper showcases hundreds of beautiful images that help tell the story of the region.

Main Street Texas

Each small town and cultural district has its own unique and enjoyable qualities.

Backroads & Byways

The book provides a perfect guide to travel the backroads and byways from one charming community to the next.



Find plenty of fun for a weekend getaway or weeks of exploration.

Great Gift

The book makes an excellent gift for adventurers and those who love the region.

Time Well Spent

Whether enjoying the book from home or on the road, it’s a great way to spend valuable time.


As the daughter of a mother who voraciously read to her often and a father who was a musician, wood craftsman, inventor, and illustrator, P.A. discovered the value of immersing herself in the arts at a very early age. Reading, writing, drawing, and music were part of her daily life. Although she still plays guitar and enjoys casual jam sessions from time to time, it is words and images that grabbed hold of her soul and did not let go.

Escaping to places around the world and getting to know interesting people from the pages of books fueled her curiosity and desire to bring the same kind of meaningful and entertaining moments she experienced to others. She was just about ten years old the first time she wrote, designed, and made copies of her own little books and never lost the desire to do that over and over again.

P.A. worked in the journalism and public relations industries for several decades in Dallas, then San Antonio before moving to the land of her ancestors in the Upper East Side of Texas. She started County Line Magazine in January 2000. Exploring the expansive region and the humans at its heart led to writing her current book which focuses on the small towns and cultural districts that make life fun and meaningful. The book also features a driving tour to help meander through picturesque backroads from one lively main street to the next. She introduces readers to rich history, breathtaking nature, acres of vineyards, small town charm mixed with inventive amenities, and a thread of talented artisans and other innovators who keep life flowing in a beautiful direction.


“5 Stars. P.A. Geddie’s ‘Upper East Side of Texas: Small Towns & Cultural Districts’ is a picture perfect guide for anyone planning their next getaway or those dreaming about the sweet life in East Texas. Travel enthusiasts, history lovers, cultural seekers, and experience addicts need not look any further to help plan their next road trip. P.A. has authentically and eloquently captured the spirit of all things Upper East Side.”

Sarah "Main Street" O'Brien

“Our favorite coffee table book! So beautifully written! A must have for anybody that loves this area of Texas. Beautiful photography!”

Kelly Cannon

Owner, Cannon Creek Vineyard

“This book has Soul! I learned so much, exploring this region of Texas through these pages — bits of history, lore, quaint traditions, avenues for music and art… a rich compendium of culture. Like a collection of precious gems, these communities in the Upper East Side (of Texas) have much to offer.”


“Great ideas for planning your adventures! I bought 5 copies of the hardcover version and have been sending them to friends around the country to encourage them to visit the beautiful and diverse “upper east side of Texas.” Well-written, well-documented, engaging photos … this is a coffee table book … a regional resource … and a whole lot more!


New to living in Northeast Texas. Great for planning short road trips. Good companion for an online weekly publication County Line Magazine.

Ms Jungle Green

P.A.Geddie, has captured the magic of the Upper Side of East Texas in Word and Art. The pages are filled from front to back with extraordinary works of true East Texas awesomeness. It would make an incredible coffee table book in your home or your office.
If you have never had the pleasure of visiting East Texas, this book alone could be your guide without having to guess where to go or what to do when you get here! Buy this book, not only for yourself but as gifts for all your loved ones and friends. They will know how much you mean to them it’s a gift that will keep on giving.
I certainly love my copy! Great Job P.A. Geddie!

Mellissa Hilbers

It’s a beautiful book, and we’re proud to carry it at The Bosslight in Nacogdoches!”

Tim Bryant

Owner, The Bosslight Bookstore, Nacogdoches

“Makes you wanna take a tour of the Upper East Side of Texas. Great job P.A.!”

Donna Brown

“This is an outstanding coffee table book! I just received my copy of P.A. Geddie’s Upper East Side of Texas: Small Towns & Cultural Districts. I am impressed by the photography, the descriptions, and the overall quality of this excellent book. People often ask what there is to do in small towns; P.A. spells it out beautifully!


I love this book. Beautiful pictures and descriptions of beautiful East Texas towns. The book is beautiful, a masterpiece for my home here in Texas. I highly recommend this book!

Danny Boy

It looks great – love it! ”

Bethany Browning

Rockwall Main Street Director

I think it looks fantastic!

Cynthia Hellen

Former Director, Arts!Longview

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